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Stored here are pictures from my Amateur Radio hobby and a look at our new home in Palm Coast, Flagler County, Florida. We moved here in 2014 in the aftermath of a snow storm. I should have sold the snow shovel. This is a photo of my old antenna system, I miss them. 



 Only an Off Center Fed Dipole in a 50' Pine tree for this station but worked DXCC on three bands in one contest weekend from here.  The Middle East stations are very loud here whereas Europe is much less so. 

I am still doing public Service with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and I have traffic nets twice a day. I also volunteer with local Emergency Management and Skywarn.

 We have been through two hurricanes, Matthew and Irma, with Matthew being the worst. It was the first hurricane here in 10 years so I guess we were due. They preach preparedness here and we were ready but learned a lot. We have a generator and it will run the house minus the pool and air conditioner. Ceiling fans in every room and 2 portable 20 inch turbo fans made it bearable.

Pictures in "Photo Albums" in the header.......Peace and good health...We are well blessed.

North Florida Section Official Emergency Station.

Member: Frankford Radio Club

Member: Florida Contest Group

Member: Team Antigua V26B

Member Flagler Palm Coast ARC/ARES


TO5MM Martinique

V26DX, V25C Antigua

WP2Z St. Croix USVI

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W3EA, W3FIZ,K3WW, N2RM, NE3F, K9RS, W1AW, W1AW/3 @ W3LPL, N3RS, K3ANS, AA3E, K3NM, WT3Q, 4U1UN  



Icom IC-756 ProIII

Icom PW-1 Solid State 1kw Amplifier 6-80 OCF @44'


Weather Underground PWS KFLPALMC166 

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